So you like what you’re reading? Did you feel provoked to think beyond acceptable business parameters? If so, join the conversation! If you can challenge conventional wisdom with a dab of wit, humor and real substance, you could help drive the Competing revolution.


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We welcome finished essays (not proposals) of about 750 words (fewer is fine, more will rarely be accepted), clearly and cleverly written for experienced, knowledgeable audiences in the relevant section (business, careers, etc.), focused on competing as a skill.  Anecdotes or data are useful to support the competing-as-a-skill theme, but they should not be the entire essay. Essays must be non-commercial and should include the author’s affiliation and website link at the end of each essay or in the byline. We especially value unconventional or innovative perspectives.

You are welcome to submit modifications of work you have previously published, such as book excerpts. Please provide full references (hyperlinks, names of original publications, etc.) to any such work. Please do not submit work whose copyright is held by other parties.

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We cannot respond to every submission, given the volume of submissions and the many exigencies of modern life. Please beware that while we will review every submission carefully, we are not guaranteeing acceptance of any submission, and we may not have the luxury of time to offer detailed and personalized reasons for rejection.

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