“The Sound of Competing” Episode 1: Vision or Overconfidence?

Vision or Overconfidence?

Distinguishing between a vision (glory) and overconfidence (mirage) is important, critical, even imperative. Alas, it is also very tricky to do a priori; that is, before the fact. After the fact, we may be wiser. That’s one of the main arguments in Phil Rosenzweig’s new book, Left Brain, Right Stuff.

Rosenzweig makes valid points: no one thinks of him/herself as overconfident, and confidence, even in excess, may be the stuff that enables leaders to overcome resistance and skepticism. Still, we have encountered numerous occasions in which leaders, powerful executives, ignored early warning signs and crashed into mirages.

What does overconfidence look like? Or, perhaps, taste like. Coca-Cola is going all the way with its wonderful new toy, the Freestyle machine. These new and expensive dispensers are being deployed world-wide. The machines allow people to mix 146 possible flavors. They are incredibly fun and creative for those who crave designer sugar water. They raise vendors’ beverage sales as much as 6%.

And they will probably change nothing. Listen to the podcast to find out why, and which companies seem more likely to fall into the overconfidence trap.


“The Sound of Competing” is a new podcast from Competing.com. It’s conversations from Ben and Mark, plus the occasional reckless guest. It’s remarkable. It mixes serious concepts with humor. It’s edgy without sacrificing critical thinking. It’s the antidote to the silly and shallow. Also, there are titanic battles between good and evil. A ping pong match between two strategy giants resulting in commentary smart enough to listen to.

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