Businesspeople often cast critical thinking as a due-diligence gauntlet. Where did that number come from. How confident are you. What does [fill in author, authority, or celebrity] say.

Those aren’t bad questions; they’re just not good enough. They’re necessary but not sufficient. Saying you must be right because you survived the gauntlet is like saying you must be movie-star gorgeous because you floss your teeth.

Think of it this way. No strategy or business plan ever gets adopted without passing the gaunt­let, yet strategies and plans fail. We know that because companies go bankrupt (a severe form of failure), and it’s unlikely that bankruptcy was their goal.

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A Broken Outsourcing Model,” by the Editorial Board of The New York Times. Suppliers in Bangla­desh compete to minimize cost at the risk to their workers lives. “A race to the bottom in the clothing industry needlessly puts lives at risk.” asks: How can we avoid races to the bottom? Should we avoid races to the bottom?

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