“The Sound of Competing” Episode 1: Vision or Overconfidence?

Vision or Overconfidence?

Distinguishing between a vision (glory) and overconfidence (mirage) is important, critical, even imperative. Alas, it is also very tricky to do a priori; that is, before the fact. After the fact, we may be wiser. That’s one of the main arguments in Phil Rosenzweig’s new book, Left Brain, Right Stuff.

Rosenzweig makes valid points: no one thinks of him/herself as overconfident, and confidence, even in excess, may be the stuff that enables leaders to overcome resistance and skepticism. Still, we have encountered numerous occasions in which leaders, powerful executives, ignored early warning signs and crashed into mirages.

What does overconfidence look like? Or, perhaps, taste like. Coca-Cola is going all the way with its wonderful new toy, the Freestyle machine. These new and expensive dispensers are being deployed world-wide. The machines allow people to mix 146 possible flavors. They are incredibly fun and creative for those who crave designer sugar water. They raise vendors’ beverage sales as much as 6%.

And they will probably change nothing. Listen to the podcast to find out why, and which companies seem more likely to fall into the overconfidence trap.


“The Sound of Competing” is a new podcast from Competing.com. It’s conversations from Ben and Mark, plus the occasional reckless guest. It’s remarkable. It mixes serious concepts with humor. It’s edgy without sacrificing critical thinking. It’s the antidote to the silly and shallow. Also, there are titanic battles between good and evil. A ping pong match between two strategy giants resulting in commentary smart enough to listen to.

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About the author  ⁄ Mark Chussil & Ben Gilad

Mark ChussilMARK CHUSSIL is founder & CEO of Advanced Competitive Strategies, Inc., and, with Benjamin Gilad, a cofounder and partner of Sync Strategy. He has conducted business war games, built custom strategy simulators, and taught workshops on strategic thinking for dozens of Fortune 500 companies on six continents, resulting in billions of dollars made or saved.

A pioneer in quantitative business war games and a highly rated speaker, he has 35 years of experience in competitive strategy. One of his simulation technologies has won a patent; a patent is pending on another. He has written three books, chapters for five others, and numerous articles.

He has been quoted in Fast Company, Harvard Management Update, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and elsewhere. He received the Fellows Award from the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals society in 2013. He earned his MBA at Harvard University and his BA at Yale University.

Dr Ben GiladBENJAMIN GILAD, PhD, is founder and president of the Academy of Com­petitive Intelligence, Inc., and with Mark Chussil, a cofounder and partner of Sync Strategy. He is a former associate professor of strategy at Rutgers University’s School of Management, and a pioneer in the field of competi­tive intelligence and war gaming. He has published seven books and more than 90 articles in academic and practitioners’ publications on the topics of behavioral economics, competitive intelligence, and business war gaming.

He has been running war games for Fortune 500 companies since the 1980s and teaching a course on war gaming as part of Fuld-Gilad-Herring Acad­emy of CI which grants CIP certification in the field of CI. The Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals society awarded him its highest Meritorious Award in 1996.

He earned his PhD in economics at New York University, MBA at the University of Central Mis­souri, and BA at Tel Aviv University.

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