Declares War on Conventional Thinking

Fort Lauderdale, FL (July 11, 2013). Way too many people take competing for granted. is going to change that in a radical way.

On July 11, 2013, Mark Chussil and Ben Gilad, renowned competitive-intelligence pioneers, competitive strategists, and business war gamers, team up with clearCi (a competitive intelligence software company) to launch an unconventional blog that will make the reader smarter. Guaranteed. will present provocative views of competing and competition, of effective and disastrous strategy. Instead of hype, PR, and empty corporate-speak, will portray and teach competing as a skill. is designed for readers of all ages and all professions who crave original thinking, who suspect they can become better at competing, who want to become better at competing so they can get to the top and stay there. Complacent, self-satisfied readers and Russian oligarchs are actively discouraged from reading. It’ll just make them mad. actively seeks original thinkers to write on competing as a skill. We seek fresh perspective and non-sloppy thinking. Seers, sloganeers, talking heads, conspiracists, and promoters of boring trivia (we know who you are) need not apply.

Mark Chussil and Ben Gilad — entrepreneurs, graduate school professors, book authors, and consultants to global companies — bring refreshing yet controversial views to the surface, compelling business leaders to rethink their approaches to competing.

Competing requires skill and skill requires practice. Most executives, on the other hand, believe erroneously that it comes “naturally” or through costly experience. That attitude puts great companies at risk and costs billions in avoidable competitive failures. The first step to recovery is extremely simple: realize that competing is a skill, and then build it up.

About the Revolution

Benjamin Gilad says: “Leaders are born. Or not. Managers are taught. Or not. But to compete effectively you need a totally different skill: seeing the world from someone else’s perspective, and knowing how to act on that. That takes smart observation and clear thinking. Both are in extremely short supply in today’s world.”

Mark Chussil adds: “Everyone dreams of sailing into blue oceans full of money and free of competitors. But, as any fish can tell you, even the bluest of oceans isn’t empty for long. The question is not whether you’ll compete but how well you’ll compete. Evidence shows competing well isn’t simple, obvious, or common. If it were, why have so many of the world’s biggest companies drowned in oceans of red ink? At, we don’t focus on the latest factoid that’s old news by the end of the sentence. We focus on the skill of competing. If you can fish well, your ocean is blue.”

clearCi’s CEO, Joe Levy says: “Most technologies today are not cross-functional. And then you have different people in different departments spread out across different markets or business units using different pieces of information to drive strategy. You’d be surprised how much more competitive companies can be when employees share what they already know.”

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